June 16, 2017

Abandon any discord and establish harmony, love, equity, justice and mercy

Lake Geneva, Switzerland
[Many people of different nationalities were present.]

O ye who are present!

How long this drowsiness and sleep! How long this ignorance and blindness! How long this heedlessness and misery! How long this oppression and injustice! How long this hatred and discord! How long this rage of ignorant ones! How long this grasping with frail imaginations! How long this strife and argument! How long this turmoil and these battles! How long these racial prejudices! How long these patriarchal prejudices! How long these political prejudices!

Does it not behoove the believers to have their hearts submissive through the mentioning of God? Has God sealed the hearts and has the eye become veiled with the clouds of injustice, that the souls are not aware of God's bounty overflowing unto all?

He has created all with His Power, supplied all with His Mercy, and trained all with His Divinity. You will not find in the creation of the Merciful any differences. Then let us follow the glorious Lord in our good policy; dealing with justice, favor and generosity. Let us leave oppression and wickedness. Let us be as one family, with justice and kindness. Let us blend as water and wine. Let us unite as the unity of the souls. We cannot establish a policy greater than the policy of God. We cannot find anything which is suitable to the world of humanity greater than the Bounties of God. Then be ye guided with the examples of the Lord. Do not change the gift of God -which is perfect unity - in this Path!

It is incumbent upon ye, O servants of God, to abandon this discord; establish harmony, love, equity, justice and mercy.

O ye who are present: The old centuries have passed and the carpet of hatred and struggle have rolled up, because this age has shone with the Luminous Lights, glorious bounties, admirable verses, apparent signs, lights which are dispersing the darkness - alleviating pain - conductive to unity and uprooting inharmony. Thus the eyes have seen, the ears have heard, and the hearts have comprehended.
(Star of the West, vol. 5, no. 10, September 8, 1914)