May 20, 2012

Question: "Which is the best way to give the Baha'i Message?"

Answer by ‘Abdu’l-Baha (New York, 1912):

The first thing to do is to acquire a thirst for Spirituality, then Live the Life! Live the Life! Live the Life! The way to acquire this thirst is to meditate upon the future life. Study the Holy Words, read your Bible, read the Holy Books, especially study the Holy Utterances of Baha'u'llah; Prayer and Meditation, take much time for these two. Then will you know this Great Thirst, and then only can you begin to Live the Life!

To live the Life you must be the very kindest woman, you must be the most pure, you must be absolutely truthful, and live a perfectly moral life.

Visit your neighbors when they are sick or in trouble, offer your services to them, try to show them that you are longing to serve them.

Feed the poor, divide what you have. Be contented to remain where God has placed you; be faithful in your care of those to whom He has trusted you, never waver in this -- show by your life you have something different, so that all will see and will say, 'What has this person that I have not?'

Show the world that in spite of the utmost suffering, poverty, sickness, you have something which gives you comfort, strength and peace -- that you are happy -- serene -- satisfied with all that is in your life.

Then they, too, will want what you possess and will need no further teaching after you tell them what it is. (Words of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, recorded by Anise Rideout, Star of the West, vol. 19, no. 3, June 1928; A portion of this passage is also included in the Compilation of Compilations, vol. I, p. 204)

May 10, 2012

“If even a breath of egotism is found in us, we shall perish at once.”

The Blessed Beauty entered into this Covenant for obedience and not for opposition. I say this merely for the protection of the Cause of God and for the purpose of safeguarding unity among the friends. Were it not for the removal of vain imaginings and the eradication of differences, I should not have asserted that I am `the Center of the Covenant'. We must obey the Blessed Beauty. We must never forget His favors and exhortations. If even a breath of egotism is found in us, we shall perish at once. The friends must be alert. Everyone who expresses a word not from the texts sows discord among the believers. The Blessed Beauty entered into this Covenant for obedience; that is, that no one should utter a word from his own self or cause any conflict. If it were not so, everyone would open a way for himself and expound the Words of God in his own manner. One would say, for instance, `As I have the power of the Holy Spirit, I have a greater capacity for understanding.' Others, even these old ladies, would at once retort, `We, too, have the power of the Holy Spirit.

The power of the Holy Spirit is limited to the Blessed Beauty and the interpretation thereof to none but me. If it is so, then there will be no differences. We must occupy ourselves with thoughts of spreading the Cause. Know that whoever has any thought other than this will become the cause of discord among the friends. (Words of ‘Abdu’l-Baha to Lua Getsinger, Mahmud’s Diary, New York, July 7, 1912)