July 26, 2013

“I am the servant of Baha”

Akka, 1901

In this greatest period there are only two Manifestations. The Blessed Báb, may my soul be a ransom to Him, and a Manifestation of the Blessed Perfection, glory be to Him. We are all the servants of the threshold of Baha. And the one who serves most in His holy Threshold is the most beloved. My greatest wish and desire is submissiveness and servitude at His Holy Threshold. My name ‘Abdu’l-Baha means the servant of God. My heart is the servant of Baha. And my spirit is the servant of Baha and rejoices only in this name. My purpose is love not only by word but by action. The essence of all essence is love, which is like unto the meat of the nut while all else is like unto the shell or outside. Through the providence of the Blessed Perfection our spirits must be full of the love of God. Therefore anyone who ask you about me, should be told that I am the servant of Baha, because this is my only wish.

July 16, 2013

The teachings, proofs and evidences of the divine Manifestations (Prophets) are one -- They differ in name and form “but in reality They agree and are the same.”

28 May 1912
Talk at Reception at Metropolitan Temple
Seventh Avenue and Fourteenth Street, New York
(Notes by Esther Foster)

The Fatherhood of God, His loving-kindness and beneficence are apparent to all. In His mercy He provides fully and amply for His creatures, and if any soul sins, He does not suspend His bounty. All created things are visible manifestations of His Fatherhood, mercy and heavenly bestowals. Human brotherhood is, likewise, as clear and evident as the sun, for all are servants of one God, belong to one humankind, inhabit the same globe, are sheltered beneath the overshadowing dome of heaven and submerged in the sea of divine mercy. Human brotherhood and dependence exist because mutual helpfulness and cooperation are the two necessary principles underlying human welfare. This is the physical relationship of mankind. There is another brotherhood—the spiritual—which is higher, holier and superior to all others. It is heavenly; it emanates from the breaths of the Holy Spirit and the effulgence of merciful attributes; it is founded upon spiritual susceptibilities. This brotherhood is established by the Manifestations of the Holy One.