December 20, 2014

“…this age is the age of the revelation of reality…”

April 21, 1912
The Universalist Church
Washington D.C. USA

Whatever the minister has said (in his introductory remarks) is an evidence of high morals and service to the world of humanity, truly commendable and worthy of praise, for it is opposed to natural prejudices which for six thousand years have made unstable the world of humanity. How many wars were fought, how much discord has occurred, how much hatred has appeared amongst mankind. But inasmuch as this age is the age of the revelation of reality, praise be to God! the thoughts are being directed toward reality and the souls are ready for the oneness of the world of humanity. The ocean of truth is surging and the mirage of imitations is day by day passing away. The foundation of the existing religions is one foundation, and that foundation is reality and the cause of unity and love of humanity and the means of the progress of mankind. But after every one of the Divine Manifestations, that light of reality became obscured. The darkness of superstitions and imitations crept in. Darkness befell the world of humanity. Day by day bitterness increased to such a degree that nations became antagonistic, and to such an extent that were it not for political hindrances they would have crushed and annihilated each other.