July 13, 2014

Meaning of miracles in Scriptures

The Holy Manifestations of God are the source of miracles and wonderful signs. To them even the impossible things are possible, and from them most wonderful things appear, but they have an especial mode of expression.

To them miracles are of no importance. They do not mention them. If miracles were proofs, it would be for those present, not for those who are absent. For example: you might tell a Zoroastrian that wonderful miracles have been performed by Moses and Christ, but he would not believe you; even idolaters say that wonderful things were accomplished by their idols. In India many books are written in which endless miracles are ascribed to the masters. So the Zoroastrian would say: How can I decide which is true? If I accept one, I must accept all, if they rest on this proof.

If miracles are a proof for these who are present, they are no proof for those who are absent; but if the true inner sight is opened at the time of each Manifestation, everything which appears from them is a proof, and no other proof is so important as the Manifestations themselves. For what is the importance of causing the blind to see, if finally through death they must lose their sight? What is the importance of bringing a dead body to life? Being material, it must finally be decomposed. But that which is of importance is to give the sight which is everlasting; is to give the life which is immortal.

This material life even at the time of its existence, is nothingness. For instance: at the time of Christ, people had this life, but He said: ‘Let the dead bury their dead.’ Those who merely lived the physical life were to Christ as though they were dead, for the real life is the life of the spirit, the life eternal.